Hi Sand Lake Property Owners, Past Weed-Cops, and Friends Of The Lake

My name is Gary Weaver and I am the newest Director for the Sand Lake Property Owners Association. I have been put in charge of next years Weed Cop Program at the public landing and I am writing now so you can keep in mind how important this program is to the lake residents and the surrounding area. I’m sure you have heard that we have been designated as an infected lake with zebra mussels. As serious as this is, there is a lot more work to be done, to keep the other serious invasive species out of Sand Lake. Stuff like:

Eurasian Milfoil...

If it gets in, many of the shallow bays would be clogged an virtually unaccessible. Think of the areas you’re familiar with and how that would effect you. I came from a lake that was infested with it... what a mess it made.

Faucet Snails = DEAD DUCKS

Man, we don’t want these in our lake. They’ve contributed to the deaths of about 9,000 scaup and coots in 2007 and 2008 on Lake Winnibigoshish. They also compete with beloved native Sand Lake snails.

Spiny Water Fleas = Fish decline

If they get in our lake, they’ll eat a lot of the zooplankton that minnows rely on. As bait fish go down so goes the game-fish. Result... get spiny water fleas... lose the excellent fishing we’ve always had.

Please Volunteer

Last year we had hours from the DNR to help with the public access and we hope to get more support in 2016. Until we have a schedule from the DNR, I can’t get specific as to our needs. I’m asking for you to volunteer today, and be ready to help when the time is right. I will contact you at a later date to create a volunteer schedule.

It’s fun and really really really does help keep our lake healthy.

Thanks Gary Weaver... Phone: 218-659-2707

Email: gkweaver@paulbunyan.net

I will admit, last year was the first time that I volunteered and I was a little intimidated by the amount of information that I had to learn and how to present it properly. I found that my hesitation was unfounded. I worked with another volunteer who had done it before, and found that it is a “no pressure” way to inform boaters about the laws that pertain to invasive species. The boaters that I talked with were informed, but had questions on specific rules and how to comply.

One of the reasons that I joined the SLPOA was to meet neighbors who live on Sand Lake and have the same concerns that I have about the future of the lake for the next generation. I found that the Weed Cop Program gave me the opportunity to meet some great people.

I hope that you have a very enjoyable Winter, whatever part of the country you’re in and keep in mind the work that still needs to be done. I will be contacting everyone next Spring when we have more information about our needs...

        Gary Weaver


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